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Genesis Pure Dry Dog Food Deep Canyon – 11.79 Kg


Genesis Pure Canada Deep Canyon is also ideally suited for nutrition-sensitive dogs from 1 year old.

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For our Genesis Pure Canada Deep Canyon we have selected high-quality and particularly digestible animal protein sources such as fresh lamb, fresh goat, fresh chicken and poultry. These provide vital protein building blocks for the necessary strength and endurance of your adult dog. The addition of colostrum (colostrum or colostrum) also strengthens your dog’s own immune system.


Easily digestible, low-sugar plantains have proven to be an important source of energy in the diet of adult dogs. With pumpkin, we use a high-quality fiber carrier that is rich in natural minerals. Our special selection of herbs (including centaury, blackberry leaves) combined with cranberries and blueberries guarantees the vitality and well-being of your adult dog.


You pamper your dog gently and of course grain-free. By deliberately avoiding grain, Genesis Pure Canada Deep Canyon is also ideally suited for nutrition-sensitive dogs from 1 year old. The special selection of carbohydrate sources ensures a low glycemic index.

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Fresh chicken (60%), chicken protein (dried, 10.5%), fresh lamb (6%), potato flour (4%), peas (dried), fresh goat (2%), pumpkin (dried, 2%), Plantain (dried, 2%), chickpeas (dried), lentils (dried), protein hydrolyzate, flea seeds, colostrum (0.3%), cranberries (dried), blueberries (dried, 0.2%), green-lipped mussels (dried, 0 , 1%), nettle (dried), blackberry leaves (dried), yarrow (dried), fennel (dried), caraway (dried), chamomile flowers (dried), mistletoe (dried, 0.02%), gentian root (dried), Centaury (dried, 0.02%), chicory (dried).

Analytical components

protein 35.00%

Fat content 19.00%

Crude fiber 2.00%

Raw ash 8.00%

convertible energy 16.95 MJ / kg

Calcium 1.40%

phosphorus 1.10%

sodium 0.25%

potassium 0.80%

magnesium 0.10%

(nutritional additives per KG):

Vitamin A 12,000 IU

Vitamin D3 1,200 IU

Vitamin E. 70 mg

Vitamin B1 10 mg

Vitamin B2 10 mg

Vitamin B6 7 mg

Vitamin B12 60 mcg

Biotin 450 mcg

Pantothenic acid 20 mg

niacin 40 mg

Folic acid 2 mg

Vitamin K 1 mg

Choline chloride 1,200 mg

Trace elements per kg:

iron 85 mg

Zinc (as zinc oxide) 70 mg

Copper (as copper (II) sulfate pentahydrate) 10 mg

manganese 10 mg

Iodine (as calcium iodate, anhydrous) 2 mg

Selenium (as sodium selenite) 0.2 mg

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Feeding recommendation

Feeding recommendation

for adult dogs

arrow black


Ideal weight of the

adult dog Grams

per day

dog kg canyon lining g canyon

2.5 kg 50 g

5 kg 80 g

10 kg 140 g

15 kg 185 g

20 kg 230 g

25 kg 275 g

30 kg 315 g

35 kg 350 g

40 kg 390 g

50 kg 460 g

60 kg 530 g

70 kg 595 g

80 kg 655 g


These details are guidelines. Individual needs depend on factors such as age, breed, activity level and housing conditions. With increased activity, please increase the amount of feed accordingly

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