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Genesis Pure High Land Shallow Land 11.79 kg


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In our Genesis Pure Shallow Land we use the finest lamb, a particularly high-quality and easily digestible source of animal protein. With this variety we completely do without poultry and chicken. Our Genesis Pure Canada Shallo Land is therefore particularly suitable for dogs that do not tolerate poultry well or are even allergic to it. The addition of colostrum (colostrum or colostrum) can also strengthen your dog’s immune system.


A combination of potato flour, peas and chickpeas provides easily digestible carbohydrates and thus the necessary energy and stamina for your adult dog. Our special selection of herbs (including centaury, gentian) in combination with cranberries and blueberries supports the vitality and well-being of your adult dog.


They pamper your dog gently and naturally without grain (may contain traces of grain). By deliberately avoiding grain, Genesis Pure Canada Shallow Land is also ideal for nutritionally sensitive dogs from the age of 1 year. The special selection of carbohydrate sources ensures a low glycemic index.


The higher moisture content (18%) gives the croquette a soft consistency.
Genesis Pure Canada Shallow Land is therefore particularly tasty and easily digestible.

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