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Chicopee HNL Senior Adult Goat & Potato 2kg


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Our Senior Soft Goat & Potato is a grain-free single protein product for the balanced nutrition of all dogs in the “golden age”.

Fresh goat as the sole animal protein source is particularly digestible and therefore excellent for nutritionally sensitive dogs. In this reduced recipe, we use highly digestible potato as a delicious source of carbohydrates and deliberately avoid adding any cereals.

The higher proportion of residual moisture in the kibbles (soft = semi-moist dry food; “semi moist”) ensures a full-bodied taste, which is why even picky dogs are very happy to accept them.A soft, low-fat and grain-free taste experience – not only for older dogs and those who have to watch their weight, because the reduced fat content makes this fine menu also suitable for overweight or neutered dogs.

Even with the greatest care in the production and packaging of our products, traces of other animal protein sources or grains can not be excluded

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