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Deniz Chicken & Beef (85grms)

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Chicken and beef cat gravy is a delectable and wholesome meal designed to captivate your feline companion’s palate. This gourmet cat food features tender pieces of chicken and succulent beef bathed in a rich, savory gravy that adds an irresistible depth of flavor.


The combination of chicken and beef offers a well-rounded source of high-quality protein, essential for your cat’s muscle development and overall health. Both meats are not only delicious but also packed with vital nutrients like vitamins and minerals that contribute to your cat’s well-being.


The savory gravy not only enhances the taste but also provides additional moisture to your cat’s diet, promoting proper hydration, which is crucial for their urinary tract health.

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1 review for Deniz Chicken & Beef (85grms)

    Abdul Aziz Farooqui
    May 5, 2024
    Very watery co mpared to my perious items which i have at home i am really disappointed by the product
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