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Doggy day puppy food 100grms


High-protein, grain-free, wheat-free, dairy-free & preservative-free

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Delicious and nutri packed treats for dogs and puppies. Treats that are sure to make your dog’s day. Drop them a treat and fill their face and tummies with joy and yumminess.Doggy day puppy food is a special gravy formulated using natural ingredients processed by Ultra High-Temperature Treatment that provides the required nutrition for your dog. This gravy provides all necessary nutrients for optimal health and vitality, the taste and aroma are effective even for fussy eaters. The antioxidant formula in the gravy present in it helps boost the immune system of the dog.



100% Natural ingredients

No added preservatives

100% Sterilized at High temperature

All Natural high energy food for puppies of all breeds

High palatability with delicious chicken cubes, liver condensed milk, eggs, and cottage cheese in a chicken paste.

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