DR.Clauder’s Workout Snack Energy 100ml


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Dr.Clauder’s WorkOut Energy Power Fresh  100% meat no added sugar for daily treats and training rewards fresh energy power to go high quality fats and meat concentrates.dextrose provides a quickly availavble supplementary energy.L-carnitine makes energy reserves available.Dogs are not permanent. For longer demand (hikes, sports, etc.) is therefore an additional energy needed to cover special energy inputs. Work Out Power Fresh Energy is the ideal helper. High-quality oil as well as dextrose ensures quickly available additional energy. L-carnitine makes energy reserves available and ensures high efficiency.


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DC Workout Snack Energy Power Fresh





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Work Out Energy & Fit – Power Fresh Pasta


With yeast proteins, vitamins and L-Carnitine. Indicated for:


– Dogs with high energy demand, by. ex. sports or diseases


– Provide fast assimilation energy


– Provides good mobility and vitality


Composition: Vegetable by-products, oils and fats, food yeast.


Nutritional value: pure protein 7.2%, pure fat 28.4%, pure fiber 0.1%, pure ash 3.1%.


Additives / kg: food-physiological: Vitamin A 120,000 iE, Vitamin D3 2,000 iE, Vitamin E 72 mg, Vitamin B1 144 mg, Vitamin B2 144 mg, Vitamin B6 96 mg, Vitamin B12 144 mcg, Vitamin C 2400 mg, Vitamin C niacin 288 mg, pantothenic acid 288 mg, inosite 380 mg, L-carnitine 1.5%. Manganese (as manganese sulfate II) 31 mg, Zinc (as zinc sulfate monohydrate) 4.125 mg, iron (as iron monohydrate sulfate) 36.75 mg, cobalt (as cobalt carbonate) 2.64 mg, iodine (as carbonate iodide) 8,14 mg, magnesium (as magnesium sulfate) 106 mg, sodium chloride 975 mg, calcium (as calcium formitat) 2,300 mg, phosphorus (as disodium phosphate) 210 mg, potassium (as chloride) potassium) 1100 mg. Technology: with preservatives.


How to use: Supply the product directly from the tube or above the daily ration of food


Dosage: 3 x 1-2 gr per day (1 gr = 1.5 cm of paste)

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