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Drools Purepet meat and rice adult


wholesome, balanced dog food

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DROOLS PurePet Meat and Rice Dog Adult is a top quality food with Meat and Rice as the prime constituents providing fine health and nourishment to adult canines of all breeds. … The food also contains essential vitamins and minerals for boosting the metabolism and to keep infections and diseases at bay.At Drools we realise your intense passion for the pets and the importance of a healthy and nutritious diet for them. Therefore our team of nutritionists and veterinarians have ensured and created a superior quality food, specific to the growing needs of pets. Not just that, extensive research has also ensured a consistent taste, better digestibility and absorption across the products of Drools. These products are nutritionally balanced and undergo rigorous quality checks to ensure that the best quality of food reaches your pet’s bowl.

While we aim at providing just the right balance of nutrients, the entire process from assessing the raw material to processing of Drools happens in-house, leading to a hygienic and consistent product that is highly recommended by Vets.

Drools is produced under the IB Group umbrella, a leading ISO certified protein business led conglomerate in Central India.


We have formulated special protein formulas for all ages and needs of your furry friends.


Drools offers a balanced and wholesome diet to your pets making them agile and wanting to play more!


High on digestible ingredients and enriched with prebiotics. It is gut friendly and supports optimum absorption in your pet. A Happy gut is a happy pet.

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