Filomilo Real Chicken Biscuits Milk & Egg Flavour for Dogs (1kg)


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FiloMilo Milk Biscuits contain real milk solids and are the best treats for your little bundles of joy. Baked in the shape of a bone, FiloMilo Biscuits can be consumed by dogs of all ages. Fun to bite into and easy to digest, these biscuits are bursting with flavour.

This is a non-vegetarian product.

Ayurvedic brahmi powder for immunity and enhanced brain power.
Fortified with vitamins and minerals.
Rich source of calcium and protein.
Anytime treat for all ages and breeds.
Powered with ayurvedic brahmi extract

Contains Real Ingredients

Only real and natural ingredients are used to make these delicious biscuits. No added colours, flavours or preservatives.
Strong and Healthy Dogs

FiloMilo biscuits help build muscle and strengthen immunity, and aid your dog in maintaining a healthy weight.

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