Drools Focus puppy
Drools Focus puppy
Drools Focus puppy
Drools Focus puppy
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Drools Focus puppy


High-quality, wholesome, balanced dog food super premium food

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Drools Focus Super Premium Puppy Dry Dog Food is an all Breed formula. A wholesome nutritional meal that ensures all the benefits from strong immunity to dental health. We provide a power packed food that your pet will love. Fortified with Vitamins, essential Amino Acids, Minerals, Antioxidants and other important ingredients which provides a complete and balanced food to your pet. After an intensive research by the experienced nutritionists and veterinarians, our ingredients undergoes a thorough test where it meets all the obligatory quality standards.Drools Focus Starter Dry Dog Food is a complete food which is specially designed for the weaning puppies. During the transition from mother’s milk to solid food, special attention to health requirements is very crucial. At Drools, we take special care in selecting the ingredients which not only helps the babies in their growth and development, but also helps in lactating mother dogs. We ensure all our raw materials gets thoroughly checked and meet the obligatory quality standardss all the obligatory quality standards.

Key Features:


Specially designed for weaning puppies from 3 weeks to 3 months who require high amounts of protein, energy and essential nutrients

The puppy’s digestive system is immature in the developmental stage. Therefore, Drools Focus Starter Dog Food is highly digestible which supports optimal absorption and assimilation in the body

Enriched with quality nutrients that support the overall growth and development of puppies post marriage. It is also ideal for lactating mother dogs, as the essential nutrients help with fetal development and milk production

Anti-oxidants like vitamins E and C and other organic minerals boost the immune system

Adequate supply of DHA nourishes nerve cells and aids in brain development

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