Groom professional Almond & Detangling Shampoo (450ml)


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Looking for a way to remedy matted and tangled coats?
Almond Detangle will make light work of any knots or matts,
leaving the coat manageable and easy to comb, brush & style.
Why Almond?
Almond Oil has a whole host of benefits for both people & pets.
Not only does it remove frizz & tangles, but it also restores hair
and can protect against sun damage. All this while being gentle
on the skin and having known healing properties.
Squeaky Clean
This shampoo is packed with ingredients to clean the coat and
the addition of Almond Oil helps to deodorise along with its
many other benefits. Leaves the coat fresh, clean and free
from debris all while detangling and helping to get rid of pesky matts.elps to get rid of the coat of matts and tangles

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