Groom professional Baby Fresh Shampoo (450ml)


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This popular shampoo is a familiar face in many-a-salon thanks to its fresh fragrance and cleaning capabilities. The baby powder scent is a favourite of many and is especially popular when used on pups, somehow making
them even cuter!Known for getting rid of puppy odours, this shampoo is great for pups & is

particularly gentle on their young skin. It doesn’t just rid the coat of odours,

the baby fresh scent left behind is long-lasting & will keep any pup fresh for days.

That’s not all contains contains Aloe Vera, well known for its soothing and healing properties. So,
while it cleans & deodorises, it also acts as a natural conditioner to promote hair growth & reduce dandruff. Plus, at a dilution rate of 20:1, just one bottle of this high concentrate shampoo results in countless clean coats!

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