Groom professional dirty dog shampoo(450ml)


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Looking for a shampoo that will clean even the messiest pooches? Dirty Dogs cuts straight through grease and dirt, leaving the coat shiny and manageable. Plus, at a high dilution rate of 20:1, just one bottle will keep you well prepared for any of the mucky misadventures our pets love so much.Dirty dogs doesn’t just clean dirt and debris, it also de-greases coats which

can be especially useful for thick double-coated breeds that often become greasy with time. Removes the unwanted sheen from long or double-coated breeds and restores bounce and volume leaving the coat soft to the touch & especially cuddly.On top of its cleaning qualities, dirty dogs also helps rid the coat of unwanted odours and leaves behind a fab fruity fragrance. This long-lasting scent stays on the coat for days and is a great substitute for your pet’s favourite muddy puddle scent.

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