Groom professional tea tree oil shampoo (450ml)


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Infused with Tea Tree Oil, this shampoo helps to provide much-needed relief

for pets suffering from irritated or itchy skin. Known for its soothing properties, the added oil extract turns an effective coat cleanser into a skin-soothing super-shampooTea Tree Oil boasts a tonne of skin-soothing and pain-relieving properties that will help your pet kick that scratching habit once and for all. Relieving the urge to scratch isn’t just a short-term fix, it allows the hair and skin to heal, reducing irritation and making it much less likely for your pet to keep scratching, which might give them some momentary relief, but really doesn’t do their skin or coat any favours..With all these benefits to the skin, it’s easy to forget this shampoo boasts some great cleaning qualities too! Easy to lather and rinse, you’ll have no trouble getting rid of odours, dirt, and debris all while leaving behind a gentle Tea Tree Oil scent that will keep the coat smelling fresh for days

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