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Jerk high chicken grilled gravy 120grms


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JerHigh Chicken and Liver in Gravy is a premium dog food suitable for all dog breedsJerHigh Grilled Chicken in Gravy is a premium dog food suitable for all dog breeds and chock full of nutritional value from calcium to vitamin D to strengthen bones, teeth, and the growth of muscles. It is made from real chicken, formed into delectable meaty chunks and topped with our delicious gravy. So terrific that your dog wont be able to resist! Have it on its own or mix it with kibble to widen your dogs palate and increase their appetite.




Made of real chicken

Helps in maintaining bones and teeth

Rich in vitamin D and calcium

Helps in muscle mass gain

Feeding Guide:


Toy: 1-2 pack

Small: 2-3 packs

Medium: 3-4 packs

Large: 4 packs



Chicken meat, modified starch, chicken grilled flavour, wheat glutten, gum, calcium, salt, sugar, meat flavor, vitamin D3

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