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Me-O Chicken Chunks In Gravy Adult Cat Food (80gm X 12 Pouches)


Me-O Wet food features real meat and real chicken, delivering a variety of textures and flavors that cats adore.

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Your little fullball needs the best food to keep their guts in perfect condition and also to provide their pallets with great taste. Me-O Chicken Chunks in Gravy is the perfect cat food coz it’s nutritionally balanced according to the needs of your feline.


Me-O’s cat food assortment is designed according to the specific growth stage of the cat i.e. kitten or adult. Hence, the food meets the nutritional levels required by different breeds and ages of cats.


The food contains taurine, proteins, calcium, phosphorus, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, sodium, zinc, fatty acids, and several other important components that provides optimum growth and development

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