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Raizup my pet puppy boost 15ml


Weak puppies and kittens, large litter

­Long duration whelping

­Poor maternal instinct

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PuppyBoost is an energy booster, formulated for weak newborn puppies and kittens.It stimulates puppy’s activity and suckle reflex thanks to its formula rich in energy and caffeine. Siberian ginseng (E. senticoccus) helps the puppy to adapt to its new environment.PuppyBoost

PuppyBoost is designed for weak and lightweight newborn puppies and kittens. It supplies energy that is readily available, stimulants, a blend of vitamins, and probiotics.


Weak puppies and kittens, large litter

Long duration whelping

Poor maternal instinct

For adults, light hypoglycemia (stress)

Directions for use: Administration mode

Direct oral application: Introduce the nozzle toward the back of the puppy’s tongue and administer the dose.


Puppy / kitten:

1 ml as soon after birth.

1 ml 5 hours after

1 ml the day after birth if necessary


Toys and mini (weight <10 kg): 2ml

Medium (11< weight <25kg): 5ml

Tall (26< weight <44 kg): 8 ml

Giant (weight >45 kg) : 12 ml

New Born Puppy Boost is a rich nutritional supplement in the form of an oral paste designed to boost energy supply for small, weak and underweight puppies and kittens. It allows them to fight diseases. It ensures a good balance of the gut flora and helps prevent diarrhea. It helps in improving the puppy’s physical condition and suckling. It provides resistance to stress. This is ready and simple to use, easy to handle with no waste.


*Complementary feed for newborn puppies and kittens.

* RIch in Energy.

* For weak and light newborn puppies and kittens.

* A highly dense nutritional supplement in the form of an oral gel formulated to boost the energy of newborn puppies and kittens especially the weak and runts.

* Improves the physical condition and suckling ability of newborn puppies and kittens.


PuppyBoost increases the newborn’s:

• Immunity

• Survivability

• Viability


Ingredients: Tnglycendes, Essential fatty acids, and glucose, Lactic acid bacteria, Package of vitamins, Iron in the form of sulfate, Special plant extracts’ blend (kola, guarana), Profile of 18 amino acids.


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