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Smt 04 small swing


The Small Swing is a delightful and compact playground designed for small-sized birds. With a comfortable perch and gentle swinging motion, it offers both entertainment and relaxation. Easy to install in the cage, this swing provides a secure spot for your feathered friend to play, rest, and enjoy their day.

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Introducing the Small Swing, the perfect little playground for your petite feathered friend! This charming and compact swing is designed to provide endless fun and relaxation for your small-sized bird.

Crafted with bird-safe materials and attention to detail, the Small Swing offers a cozy and secure perch for your bird to swing back and forth. It’s designed to mimic the natural motion of branches swaying in the breeze, creating a soothing and comforting experience for your bird.

The Small Swing features a durable and comfortable perch, providing a safe spot for your bird to sit, rest, and observe their surroundings. It’s the ideal place for them to unwind, play, and engage their balancing skills.Installing the Small Swing is a breeze. It comes with sturdy hooks or clips that easily attach to the cage bars, ensuring stability during playtime while allowing for convenient removal or repositioning.

This delightful swing is not only entertaining but also beneficial for your bird’s well-being. It helps promote exercise and physical activity as your bird moves and balances on the swing. Additionally, swinging can provide a sense of security and relaxation, helping to reduce stress and anxiety.

The Small Swing is specifically designed for small-sized birds, offering them a perfect perch for play and relaxation. It’s a wonderful addition to their cage, providing a cozy retreat where they can swing and enjoy the simple pleasures of bird life.

Size6x6 inches

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