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This FlikFinz Magnetic Aquarium Cleaner


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KiThis FlikFinz Magnetic Aquarium Cleaner is suitable for all kinds of tanks, such as acrylic, glass or plastic, that does not degauss. It has Strong magnetic power for cleaning inside and outside of your tank at the same time without wetting your hands. Its unique Floating design avoids the inside part sinking and you can keep it floating in the water all the time. Non-Scratch, with the non-scratched pad. The brush won’t scratch your tank. High quality material and exquisite design makes it durable and smart to use. Non-skip handle; Small and easy to carry. Usage Instructions: Put the flat part into the aquarium tank, let the other part outside of the tank and let them adsorb together. Move the outside piece and the inside one will move likewise, thus, you can clean inside and outside of the aquarium tank at the same time. Size: 7x7x3.5 CM. IMPORTANT: Suitable for Acrylic, Glass or Plastic Tanks with thickness upto : 0.4 CM (0.15 Inch). Pack of 1 Pc Aquarium Magnetic Cleaner.

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