Versele Laga A19 nutri bird(800grms)


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Complete food for baby birds: nutribird a19 is a complete bird food for hand feeding baby birds of macaws, eclectus, hawk-headed parrots, African grey parrots and other baby birds with a high energy requirement

Easy preparation porridge: it is an easy 3 steps process to feed your baby bird. The nutribird a19 is prepared by adding hot boiling water and served at cool 39°c to your birdie with a feeding syringe

Proven for an optimal growth of birds: scientifically approved composition with all the nutrients your baby-bird needs. Ensures an optimal growth to completely healthy young birds. With gut flora stabilisers, prebiotics, digestive enzymes and organic acids to promote digestion

Only serve fresh: the porridge has to be freshly prepared for each meal. Therefore, it is advisable to prepare the food in small quantities

Follow the feeding table: it is advisable to follow the feeding guidance to serve the best amount of food to the chicks

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