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Bayer Elanco Drontal Plus Tasty Dewormer for dogs


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Drontal plus tasty bone dewormer from Bayer Elanco is one of the most popular and effective dewormers for dogs.

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“Drontal Plus tablet effectively eliminates the tapeworm and roundworm infestation from the intestine of your puppy or adult dog of any dog breed.


Suitable for puppies and dogs of age above 6 months in different doses.

Ingredients: Praziquantel USP 50mg, Pyrantel Embonate USP 144mg, Febantel 150mg in each tab.

Dosage: 1 tab per 10kg bodyweight or as recommended by a registered practicing veterinarian.

Not to be used simultaneously with Piperazine compounds.

Quantity: 6 tabs pack.(1 strip).

Product has ‘best before ‘ date of more than 4 years remaining. Hence can be stored safely for 3 – 4 future deworming sessions as well.

Current Stock ‘Best before’ 07/2027.

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