Cat Bridge Shape Massager and Scratch Pad


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  • Multi Use Product – It can keep in Lay Flat Position as a Cat Scratch Pad , Can Attach to the Base of Furniture or Table by using any Sort of String , Or Can Be Pasted to the Wall or the Normal Area Where you Cat Scratch ,
  • A Large Sized Elegant Product to keep Your Furry friend in Busy Schedules , It Can be Used as a Cat Scratcher as Well as a Training Tool For Domestic Felines
  • Totally Bio Degradable Product , No Chemicals , Dyes or Paints has Been used in Any Stage of the Product Manufacturing, Safest Product for the Feline and Environment
  • Multi Purpose Product – Can be used as Cat Scratch Pad , A Litter Mat , Cat Sleeping Mat , Cat Post and Many More
  • An Ideal Product as an Alternate of Costly Cat Trees , Minimal Area is required for the Installation
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