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Drools calcium tablets


Calcium Tablets for dogs

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Drools Absolute Calcium Tablet is a recommended supplement for dogs having inadequacy in calcium and phosphorus. The tablet is highly delicious for making it savoury for even the pickiest of eaters. The supplement is in the form of semi-moist kibble and has a healthy ratio of calcium and phosphorous for maintaining healthy bones and teeth. By improving joint health, it also helps the canine to be highly active. These tablets can also be given to pregnant dogs who generally need calcium during the gestation period.Drools Absolute Calcium Tablet are highly palatable, semi-moist tablet fulfilling the calcium and phosphorous deficiency of your dog. Adequate amount of calcium improves dental and joint health by making bones and teeth stronger.


Drools Absolute Calcium Tablet is enriched with optimum ratio of calcium to phosphorus for healthy skeletal system.

These are highly palatable, semi moist tablets which promotes better joint health and helps in keeping your dog active.

Essential ingredients blended with other nutrients helps in maintaining strong bones and teeth of your pet.

It’s administration is easy hence pet parents of fussy eaters feel relaxed.

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