myPALTU Bone Booster – 400 Gms


Excellent Hip and Joint Supplement with Skin and Coat support

  • Super fast bone density support in dogs
  • Improves sloppy ears in dogs & helps in keeping them erect
  • Can be given to all stages and all breeds
  • Vital combination of Chondroitin and Glucosamine along with highly digestible Fish protein, Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids
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This is a flagship product of ‘myPALTU’. This has a vital combination of Chondroitin and Glucosamine along with highly digestible fish protein and Omega 3 & Omega 6 fatty acids (both DHA and EPA). The polyunsaturated fatty acids along with fish amino acids improve skin color, hair growth and coat shine. The combination works so well that it gives guaranteed results for Dysplasia and other skin diseases in three weeks. myPALTU Bone Booster contains hip support properties and improves joint health, which can be seen in senior dogs and dogs with bone and joint problem. It has anti-inflammatory properties and enhances immune system. It contains natural antioxidants like Vitamin E and Taurine, which prevents heart attacks. It is a perfect food supplement for seniors, adults, juniors and teething puppies of all breed.


Ground Fish Cartilage, Ground Ray Tail, Dried Ribbon fish, Dried Anchovy.

Feeding Guidelines

Dosage Body Weight/Day
1 Table Spoon 10 – 20 lbs
1 ½ Table Spoon 21 – 30 lbs
2 Table Spoon 31 – 40 lbs
2 ½ Table Spoon Above 40 lbs


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