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Sbt 06 on way bead


The Way Bead Bird Toy is a colorful and engaging toy that provides interactive fun for your feathered friend. With a durable plastic frame and a variety of colorful wooden beads, this toy stimulates your bird’s senses and encourages natural behaviors. The beads slide, spin, and rotate, keeping your bird entertained and mentally stimulated. Easy to attach to the cage, the Way Bead Bird Toy is a perfect addition to your bird’s playtime.

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The Way Bead Bird Toy is a delightful and engaging toy that your feathered friend will absolutely love! It’s designed to provide hours of interactive fun while stimulating their senses and keeping them entertained.

This bird toy is crafted with your bird’s safety in mind, using durable and bird-safe materials. It features a charming bird-shaped plastic frame in vibrant colors that are sure to catch your bird’s attention and bring a smile to their beak.

At the heart of the toy, there’s a sturdy metal rod running vertically. Attached to this rod are a variety of colorful wooden beads, each with a unique shape, size, and texture. These beads offer a fantastic sensory experience, encouraging your bird to explore and engage with their surroundings.Your feathered friend will have a blast interacting with the Way Bead Bird Toy. They can use their beak, feet, and claws to move the beads, creating a rewarding playtime experience. The beads are designed to slide, rotate, and spin, adding an element of surprise and keeping the fun going.

To make things even more exciting, some versions of the toy may include small bells, mirrors, or dangling toys. These delightful additions enhance the visual and auditory stimulation, making playtime even more enjoyable for your feathered companion.

Attaching the Way Bead Bird Toy to your bird’s cage is a breeze. It usually comes with a secure metal clip or chain that keeps the toy in place while allowing easy access for your bird to play and explore.



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