Trixie Premium Collar, M-L: 35-55cm/ 20mm, Papaya


Trixie Premium range of products is based around a super-soft, 2-ply nylon webbing material.

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Trixie premium dog collar has a high-quality nylon strap. This collar for dogs is extra robust due to strain relief. It is durable and tear proof. It is fully adjustable to your dog’s neck. This collar is in basic dog training. It will be the right collar for your dog. Trixie is a German brand specializing in accessories for pets in general, whether articles of clothing, nutritional supplements, toys, hygiene care, feeders, cages and kennels, anti-parasitic, belts for all types of animals are dogs, cats, birds , rodents or reptiles, with a wide variety of accessories of all kinds with a clear mission, make more comfortable people peacefully coexist with animals in the home. Measures 35-55 cm length by 20 mm width

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